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The Project

The Project Group

Andy Tagger - Parish Councillor

Gail Jenkins - Village Shop Owner

Dennis Burns - 

Judith Fisher - Villager

Jeff Pickering

Dave Hepworth

In 2017 the group began to seek contact with surviving family members of the 6 Aircrew and 6 residents who died.

Relatives in Australia, Germany and XXX were contacted and delighted to hear of the project and all contributed, with some actually making the trip to the other side of the world for the event itself.

The group thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of raising awareness of probably one of the most awful events in the history of Darrington, and worked tirelessly to make the event the resounding and moving success that it eventually was.

Over many months, they received contributions from many people and collected numerous anecdotes, documents and photos, collating them into an exhibition at Darrington Golf Club which took place on Saturday XX September 2018 – 75years after the event.

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