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Governance and Policy

The Council is governed by legislation. To ensure that the Council acts within its powers and fulfils it duties, it has adopted key governance documents. The Councils controls are reviewed during annual audits. 

Standing Orders

The standing orders govern the activity of the Council and detail the rules by which the Council should conduct its day to day business.

They also detail how meetings of the Council and Committees should be conducted .

Policies & Procedures

View adopted Council Policies and Procedures here.

All documents are reviewed annually and detail the Councils practices on various areas of business.

Code of Conduct

The Parish Council is required to adopt a Code of Conduct by which Councillors are required to adhere whilst representing the Council.

When elected, each Councillor signs a declaration confirming that they will abide by the Councils Code of Conduct.

Financial Regulations

The financial governance of the Council and its accountability is outlined in the Councils Financial Regulations.

The Financial Regulations are reviewed annually.

Transparency Code

The Transparency Code is a requirement for smaller authorities to make information available for local people to increase democratic accountability.

The information that we are required to publish under the Transparency Code can be viewed here.

Freedom of Information

The Parish Council is required to comply to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 .

The Council's Publication Scheme can be downloaded below.

Risk Management

The management of risk is an important part of the Council's work.

By managing our risk we ensure that the people who use our facilities are safe and that the Council's assets are protected.

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