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Latest News & Information

On this page, we'll aim to keep you up to speed with any recent news, or information we might have received that may be of us or interest to villagers:

Notice to Smeaton Residents 

Security Alert Smeaton

A1 Repair & Closure Notices

Letter To Residents


Find Your Nearest Post Office 


Find Your Nearest Register Office

We've been contacted by - a new resource to make finding your nearest Register Office easy for everyone - their site can be accessed here:

Applying For A Job And Need Help?

Here's a useful link if you're preparing for an interview, assessment centre or aptitude test. Read expert advice and talk with other candidates.


June Wakefield Council Energy & Home Support Team Newsletter


Newsletters & Subscriptions


As our Spring Newsletter has gone out we've seen even more people subscribe to receive them online in future. This is really promising as it will reduce the number of them that need to printed and hand delivered by Councillors. If you haven't already subscribed, you can do so using the form at the bottom of the home page - Go Green!!

Salt Bins

We have now provided a full salt bin for the villagers on North Lodge Lane, and as WMDC are no longer providing new bins, have also provided one for the residents of Applewood Gardens which is located in the car park of The Spread, thanks to the permission of Landlord Andy Johnson.

If you are in need of a salt bin or a refill, please do contact us for help.

Gardening Club

The brilliant new July Garden Club Newsletter is now available for download on the Newsletters page!

Dog Waste Stations


The dog waste stations on Back Lane have had a massive impact on fouling with practically none seen since their installation. We have now taken delivery of two more for either end of the lane, as well as an unfixed bin for the Church Lane/Orchard area.

Avian Flu Prevention Update for Allotment/Poultry Owners


Just a quick one to let you know the housing measures have now been lifted.

While it is essential to ensure effective biosecurity when there is an increased risk of bird flu, it is advised that poultry keepers apply enhanced biosecurity measures at all times to prevent and mitigate future outbreaks.

Bird keepers are reminded to prepare the ranges and outdoor areas for release of the birds or when moving to a new outdoor area. This will include cleansing and disinfection of hard surfaces, fencing off ponds or standing water and reintroduction of wild bird deterrents.

In addition, now that birds are allowed out all poultry and captive bird keepers will need to keep taking extra precautions, such as cleaning and disinfecting equipment, clothing and vehicles, limiting access to non-essential people on their sites, and workers changing clothing and footwear before entering bird enclosures.

Universal Credit Help


Due to the impact of Coronavirus over 5.5 million people are claiming Universal Credit. Many of them are new to claiming Universal Credit having been negatively impacted by Coronavirus. 

This guide is provided to help local people navigate claiming Universal Credit:



Police & Crime Plan 2016 - 2021

Avian Flu Prevention Information for Chicken and Turkey Keepers

Avian Flu Prevention Information for Duck and Geese Keepers

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