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On this page, we'll aim to keep you up to speed with any recent news, or information we might have received that may be of us or interest to villagers:

Gardening Club


The brilliant new February Garden Club Newsletter is now available for download on the Newsletters page!


Salt Bins

Historically, salt bins were provided by WMDC to adopted roads and refilled seasonally. After a few enquiries this year, we have found that WMDC are no longer supplying new bins to adopted roads, or selling them to people who live on un-adopted roads. Refills are also being done 'as and when they can be'. 

If you are in need of a salt bin or a refill, please do contact us for help.

Police & Crime Plan 2016 - 2021

January Newsletter from The Energy & Homeowner Support Team at WMDC

Avian Flu Prevention Information for Chicken and Turkey Keepers

Avian Flu Prevention Information for Duck and Geese Keepers

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