Dog Waste Stations

Whilst this issue won't be new to most of you, our latest project related to it most likely is.

Owners allowing their dogs to foul pavements and walkways throughout the village has always been a top concern over the years, but one we weren't sure we could affect, short of installing cameras all over the place, or patrolling the streets!


What we have most recently decided to do however, is invest substantially, in making it easier for dog walkers to 'do the right thing' by not only providing more poo bins, but also providing poo bags at the same time.

So, let us introduce 'The Hercules'!


We have ordered and taken delivery of three of these waste stations, and plan to install them (as soon as restrictions allow) one at either end of Back Lane, and one just inside the Church Lane gate into The Orchard.

We have chosen those locations based on where council provided bins already exist and where dog walkers seem to frequent the most (and hence where the issues seem to cause most problems).

If they are well used, appreciated and seem to make a positive difference to this ongoing issue, we will most likely look to purchase more, and seek your views on where they would be best positioned.

Once the bins are installed, it will be up to us to keep them stocked with bags and emptied, so we will be looking for volunteers to set up some kind of rota if possible, but we'll let you know more when we've actually got them installed.